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Best Fishing Kayak Reviews: How to Buy Best Fishing Kayak 2017?

Best Fishing Kayaks : Many of have a tough time at work and so we need some type of entertainment or something that we can do in order to be relaxed. For this people resort to taking up some kind of activities called hobbies. Hobbies are some of the best ways to spend our free time or our leisure time because they require us to do some activity that can keep our minds free from regular work. It is done mostly for enjoyment and hobbies include a lot of activities that are very interesting, ranging from gardening to reading and fishing to stamp or coin collecting and many, many more. It could include everyday activities or unusual activities and so on. Today, we are going to see about fishing as a hobby and to be more specific kayak fishing. In order to make this experience more enjoyable, I’m going to show you a list of the best fishing kayaks in town so that you might be able to make you time more easy and profitable without having to search for the best in the entire market.

Best Fishing Kayak Reviews: How to Buy Best Fishing Kayak 2017?
best fishing kayak

So, what is a kayak? Every person who has a thing for water sports or for fishing might have some ideas about a kayak. Anyway, let me explain what a kayak is. A kayak is a watercraft or a boat that is narrow and small and it is propelled with the help of a double bladed paddle. It is sometimes called as a canoe in the UK. But it has been used mainly by the people in the cold polar regions of the earth for the main purpose of hunting. It was used by the Inuit, Ainu, Aleut and the Yupik hunters in the Arctic regions of the world. They used drifted wood and the skin of seals to make them. Nowadays, they are made of better materials like polyethylene, plywood, fibreglass and other wooden or plastic materials. The first kayaks date back to nearly 4 millennia ago and they served a variety of purposes and were of different types based on the purposes they served. Nowadays, they are also designed by Computer Aided Designing techniques. The most important criteria are they should provide speed as well as stability and it is believed that the longer ones are faster ones. They should also be able to provide stability of direction and primary as well as secondary stability along with maneuverability and so on. The kayaks are so user friendly in that they:

  • Are cheaper and inexpensive to buy.
  • Not much maintenance required.
  • They can be transported easily with the help of trailers and wheels.
  • Not much storage space required.
  • Easy and quick to launch.

 best fishing kayak

Know more about Kayak Fishing:

This kayak fishing is a method of fishing with the help of a kayak. Although, kayaks were used for transportation, they are also good means of fishing and hunting because they make it easy to catch fishes and other animals. They are nowadays very popular as they are so user friendly and are a mode of transportation that is healthy and interesting. They are also cheaper and much fun to use than the other boats. They are now a means of sport fishing in both salt and fresh water. There are so many means to do fishing with this. One can use rod holders, live bait containers, anchor trolleys, electronic fish finding equipment and so on all of which are provided as accessories along with the kayak. This method of fishing is a very interesting and popular sport and everybody interested in fishing must take part in kayak fishing. The most commonly caught fishes are the ones that give good money like tuna, wahoo, red drum, halibut, snook, tarpon, cods and also marlins and many more. It has now become more of a sport than as a means of hunting. It has now also included softbaiting which has also become very popular. The main things that one can get from kayak fishing apart from fishes include:

  • A mode of fun.
  • Exercising means.
  • Cheaper entry to fishing.
  • A means of sports and the list might go on.

 best fishing kayak

Buying a kayak?

Since, kayaks are cheaper than the other boats, many people tend to buy them for their own instead of going to a place where you have to pay every time in order to just enjoy this sport. And actually this is a very good idea as methods have come to make the transportation of kayaks easier and only a little space is required to keep them. So, people go to the market to buy them but then, they don’t know what to expect from a kayak. They don’t have an idea about what a good kayak should contain. So they go about looking for something that might suit their interests and they happen to buy a wrong one and so on. They happen to turn the entire market upside down and waste their time comparing many of them in vain. So, in order to help such people, we are going to show a list of the best fishing kayaks in the upcoming topics. But before that, if you don’t find our list to be useful, then you can search or try on your own by following the criteria given below that are to be considered when searching a good kayak. The criteria are listed below:

  • Length vs Width and Speed vs Stability:

If the buyer is in need of going slowly, then shorter kayaks will help because they are slower while the longer ones are faster. And if you want your kayak to be more stable, then the wider ones are for you because the narrower ones are as stable. So these are based on your interests and needs. Some of these are provided with a thing that can make them more stable in strong current and waves called the upset bow but it doesn’t help in flat waters.

  • Design of the kayak:

These are classified based on where the person sits as sit-in or sit-on-top. Sitting-in kayaks are also called cockpit-style kayaks. Here, you’ll be prevented and sheltered from the cold waters and wind and waves and you are more stable too. You can also store your things inside because they provide you with an extra compartment to do these. So these are helpful in such ways though it takes some time when needed to get out of the boat and wade and also you can’t see much. Sitting-on-top is the one that most kayak fishermen prefer because it is easy to see longer distances and also you can get out easily and fast when needed. Here also you can keep your accessories but this is not the best way to fish when you are very cold conditions with cold waves and strong currents.

  • Motor vs paddle:

Kayaks come with both paddles and motors but the use of a motor actually changes the meaning of a kayak, though motors make the process of pulling the fishes along easy. But it is best and advisable to use a paddle in order to maintain the meaning of a kayak. Because kayaks require one to use a paddle otherwise you can use a motor boat and not a kayak. There are many light weight paddles available that can be bought online.

  • Rigged vs unrigged:

Modern kayaks are provided with a holder for the rod so that you can keep them safe and these kayaks are called rigged kayaks. These are much costlier than the ones that don’t provide these holders which are called stock kayaks. So in order to protect the main thing that is needed for fishing, the person has to either build his own holder or get a rigged one. People who have experience with kayaking can build one on their own for themselves which is not an easy task as it requires one to have good skills to get the right balance. So, if you don’t want to do it on your own, it is better to spend a little more on getting rigged ones.

 fishing kayak

The best fishing kayaks:

Now, that you have some idea about what to expect in a good fishing kayak, we provide you with a list of the best fishing kayaks available and these were tested and they proved to be the best.

  • Sevylor Colorado Hunt & Fish.
  • Lifetime Sport Fisher.
  • KL Industries Sun Dolphin Journey SS.
  • Ocean Kayak Prowler 13.
  • Old Town Predator 13.
  • Hobie Mirage Oasis.
  • Ascend H12 Sit-In Hybrid Kayak.
  • Hobie Mirage i9S.
  • BIC Yakkair Fishing-2HP.
  • Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game Angler.
  • Old Town Vapor 10XT Recreational Fishing.
  • Perception Sport Pescador 12.
  • Malibu Kayaks X-13 Recreation Fishing Package.
  • Pelican Liberty 100X.
  • Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler Sit-On-Top.

 kayak fishing

These are some of the all-time best in the market and they were selected after a thorough search and study and are based on reviews given by the people who used them. They are not in the exact order though and as technology is growing, better ones are on the way. So it’s advisable to follow the criteria above and buy what you feel best.

Best Kayak Reviews : Top 10 Fishing Kayaks of 2017

Key factors for buying the best kayak may vary as per your needs which require you to have a look across various brands available and products being offered. If you want to paddle up in water or you want the recreational kayaks, choice is completely yours and this guide helps you find the best one.

This guide on best kayak reviews – amazon, makes you find the best rated one from across the inflatable kayaks or fishing kayaks. Pick from low cost ones which meant for beginners or sit-on-top kayaks which are the best thing to suit your needs.

If you are a sports adventurist and water sports enthusiast, kayaks have an altogether different experience to offer in terms of enjoyment and exploring far off places on sea.

Best Kayak Reviews : Top 10 Fishing Kayaks of 2017

best kayaks 2017

Which kayak to pick from?

As stated above, kayaks are categorized as being inflatable, sit-on-top and so on and depending upon your requirement, you will have to find an apt one. A look on the types of kayaks will make it easier to find a kayak suited to your requirements:

  • Whitewater kayaks
  • Touring kayaks
  • Sit-on-top
  • Recreational kayaks
  • Play boats
  • Inflatable kayaks
  • Freestyle boats
  • Expedition kayaks
  • Creek boats

Out of all the above types it is recommended that you buy the latest release from an authentic brand. Picking a kayak based upon strength of the material to withstand stress and strain of water matters. Be watchful about kayaks suitability as per your requirements as a wrong choice can be dangerous and your performance will be affected too so consider the weight and shape of kayaks that can significantly affect your maneuvering moves in the vast waters.

Angling and kayaking

Best kayaks 2017

Some kayaks are best in terms of fishing while others suited for recreational activities. So, invest in one which perks up your kayaking hobbies and makes you more active too. Choice of buying suitable kayaks is connected with angling factor which provides an ability to reach up to the fishes you want. If you are more enthusiastic, then an open sided kayak does the needful by providing your more freedom of movement.

Types of water and choosing the kayak

If you seek to have a kayak for adventure, first check water type in your vicinity. Staying near an ocean requires kayaks with tight spaces but river with sharp turns, need broad kayak which are usually meant for fishing.

A fast moving river can make you prone to fall, so sit-on-top kayak is not suitable. Go for sit-in kayaks instead, which protect you from shallow fall in deep waters. One has to be quite watchful in investing in kayaks as it involves a considerable kind of risk which becomes quite troublesome also. While buying a kayak, it is not only the shape that matters but also type of waters that you are going to be in. For instance, water with swift movement requires a whitewater kayak which is shorter and meant for making long tours.

Judicious choice always secures benefits and kayaks being quite a costly thing, requires insight in to the suitability of these gears in unison with the water type you will sail in.

Best inflatable kayaks

Best inflatable kayaks

Out of all inflatable kayaks, some of the following can be perfectly suited for you which are equipped with some highly advanced features. But these inflatable kayaks generally support two persons and have an air pump that delivers a high output. Following ones belong to this category and are manufactured by Intex:

  • Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, this is a best seller in the category
  • Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, a commendable product, acquired more than 4 stars on a scale of 5
  • Sun Dolphin Aruba sit-in kayak which can be stretched up to 10 feet
  • Advanced elements AE 1012-R
  • Perception R15 Pescadors 120 with red and yellow color variants
  • Malibu kayaks stealth 14 fish and divine package sit on top kayaks
  • Seaflo 104 adult fishing kayak which also a sit on top and moves with jettison speed
  • Wilderness systems Tarpon 100 kayak
  • Perception kayak perscador moss camo kayak that comes in green and black
  • Emotion 90244 spitfire, this is again a sit on top 8 foot kayak, available in flashy red

In a nutshell – inflatable kayaks are more advantageous, reasons being, they are highly sailable on sea and can be stored at ease when you have halted somewhere after a long water-drive. Highly transportable and easily foldable, these can be placed easily on the plane or your cab.

A squeezed kayak can come back to its inflated form as soon as you hit blue waters so just straighten the controls and paddle up to capture the water-beauty without much ado.

Are there types of inflatable kayaks?

You can seek for some amazing products in the category of inflatable kayaks, but there are types of these kayaks which are as follows:

  • Stand-Up Kayaks or ISUPS
  • Sit-On Top Kayaks
  • Sit-In Kayaks
  • Self-Bailing Kayaks
  • Canoe-Types

For all fish catchers – here is the fishing kayak review

Fishing kayaks need to have a highly advanced ergonomics otherwise kayaks will not serve the purpose well. When it comes to buying the fishing kayaks, some accessories are a must-haves, which includes:

  • Fishing rods
  • Anglers which jut out on water
  • Some extra space required to store the cargo for gear

Above features are imminent in fishing kayaks which make these highly stable as fishing requires going beyond the shallow waters. Your life may be in peril if you pick a fishing kayak with inadequate feature for stability so keep this on the top charts to hit a right note with an effective kayak.

Follow out top picks for fishing kayaks:

  • Hobie Mirage Outback
  • Hobie Mirage Outback Camo Kayak
  • Hobie Mirage Revolution 16 Kayak
  • Lifetime Sport Fisher Tandem
  • Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14

Fishing kayaks need to be stable and it is for the sturdiness of these kayaks which make you cover long stretches on sea. If your kayak is missing on anything, then you have surely gone for a wrong choice. Considering price, you may find above stated ones to be well within budget that you have set so as they are capable enough to shield you from accidently hitting a rock while going faraway.

Now moving on to next ones, let us now look into the kayaks meant for moving fast and with a pace that you will love.

best fishing kayaks

Kayaks meant for beginners

If you are inching closer on the heels to becoming a seasoned kayaker, this section of kayaking guide is meant for you. If you are a first time kayak buyer, you will probably be having lesser knowledge as compared to your counterparts who are experienced and its better if you take their advice and then go for putting the money on your adventure expedition.

You need to look for some features in the kayaks if you are going to get a drive for the first time. Make sure that your new kayak is a perfect fit based upon following criteria:

  • Price
  • Stability

Both of the above weighing factors should be within safe and secure limits which also eases your learning process and is worth the investment that you have made. Following kayaks are simply the best ones meant for making you an expert in kayaking:

  • Sun Dolphin Aruba 10
  • Perception kayak pescador moss camo kayak
  • Old town canoes and kayaks vapor 10 angler
  • Malibu kayaks stealth 14 fish and dive package
  • Emotion 90244spitfire sit-on-top which is of 8 foot and comes in red color
  • Advanced elements AE 1012 R

If you have picked the sit-on-top kayak as a beginner, keep in mind that sit-on-top kayaks are meant for those living in warmer climate. Beginners are generally, more prone to falling ill due to cool temperatures which can stunt their learning process of kayaking. But you may take up adequate measures to protect yourself even in these sit-in models. Therefore, these kayaks can considered to be great for exploring the waters till the horizons.

best fishing kayaks

On an ending note!

Kayaks are not ‘one-size-fits-all’ thing but they should be chosen based upon length, shape and width and you need to keep in mind your comfort zone too, avoid paddling for long distances. Never forget to carry the life-saving jacket as kayaking indeed has been registering big fame off late, as a result, protection becomes imminent to avoid any fall and jerk in the waters which can truly trouble you a lot.

You can enhance your urge for pursuing recreational activities but go for the ones which are highly stable and don’t require too much paddling as well. Go for wide kayaks as they are safer and quite dexterous in their moves and don’t require much upkeep and maintenance. Material of the kayak need to be durable as well so that you don’t end up wasting your money on the water sports activities at all.

Best Pedal Kayaks for Fishing Guide 2017 – Top 10 Reviewed

The Kayaks with foot pedals or the pedal powered kayaks as they are popularly called give freedom and stability to the rider. Using a pedal powered kayak in calm waters allows one to enjoy the surroundings and nature while for the rough weather conditions, there are several kayaks in the market that allow an individual to pedal easily without having to exert  themselves physically. These Kayaks will also help you to keep your hands free and use them for better things like handling binoculars to watch birds and bathe in the nature’s beauty, hold a fishing rod and also sail through the water much faster. The pedal kayaks make the use of the power of your legs much as in the case of bicycle, if you think you are comfortable riding a bicycle, you can be sure that you will not have much of a problem using the pedal kayaks as well.

Why are kayaks with foot pedals better?

The Pedal powered kayaks are considered much better than the ones that require you to constantly oar through the water since they provide stability and hands free maneuverability, both of which are excellent for the purpose of fishing. Even while you are busy fishing or watching birds, you will not have to worry about losing the paddle out in water and feel helpless in the middle of nowhere. However, it is very important to constantly keep an eye on the surface of water while paddling to ensure that the kayak does not accidentally run into debris or rocks.

Pros of using kayaks with foot pedals

  • The pedal powered kayaks allow an individual to allow much better speeds than they can with the traditional paddling with the help of oars.
  • Going in a reverse direction is much easier with the pedal powered kayaks than the paddles.
  • The pedal kayaks have much more space on offer so the rider does not feel cramped or enclosed and has much more space that can be used for storage as well.
  • Once the rider identifies a comfortable pedaling speed for him, he can sit back and enjoy fishing, bird watching, enjoy a drink or better still, soak himself in the surroundings. He does not have to constantly exercise his hands to move ahead as is the case in traditional paddles.

Cons of using kayaks with foot pedals

  • The pedal powered kayaks restrict your movement and positioning. Due to the location of the pedals, one cannot change his position or shift around too much in the kayak.
  • The balancing of the kayak is much better with a paddle than the pedal drive system.
  • With a kayak with foot pedals, you have to constantly sit in the same ‘L’ posture which restricts the flow of blood and have serious implications on the back as well. Overall, it is not a very comfortable position to sit in for long hours.
  • The pedal powered kayaks require a rudder to steer.
  • Initially there are balancing issues with the pedal powered kayaks due to the placement of feet which are higher than the bottom of kayak and can result in losing balance when pedaling. However, once the rider gets accustomed, the problem of balancing a pedal powered kayak disappears completely.

Types of pedal powered kayaks

There are basically two different types of pedal powered kayaks:

  1. The push pedal kayak: This one is very similar to pushing a bicycle. You push your foot forward but not to move the tires but to push forward your kayak. Similar to a bicycle, once it stops, it needs much more effort to start all over again.
  2. A rotational pedal kayak: A rotational pedal kayak is more similar to the act of walking and requires moving the entire leg. This makes it less stressful than the push pedal kayak but it definitely needs much more space than it.

Factors to consider when buying a kayak with foot pedals

If you are deciding to buy a pedal powered kayak for fishing any time soon, you must consider the following factors that affect them:

  1. The different designs that are available in foot pedal kayaks
  2. Different types of pedal power systems
  3. Ease of transporting them
  4. Their stability and control
  5. Mechanics of kayaks with foot pedals

Top 10 Best Fishing Kayaks with Foot Pedals

  1. Hobie Pro Angler 12
  • Technical Details
  • Size: 12 feet
  • Weight: 100 pounds

The Hobie Pro Angle has been designed keeping in mind the needs of a fisherman in mind-whether it is the utility trays, storage pockets, rod storage or the removable liners in the bow hatch, you get everything in the Kayak to make it more comfortable and convenient for the fishing sport. It is equipped with a comfortable seat that you can lean back on and the Mirage Drive 180 that offers a hand free paddling so you can concentrate on your fishing skills. The Hobie Pro is a complete performance packed package, thanks to features like comfort, extra storage, stability and easy maneuverability.

  1. Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13 Fishing Kayak
  • Technical Details
  • Size: 13 feet
  • Weight: 100 pounds

A completely customizable kayak, the Native Watercraft has been designed specifically for individuals who have fishing on their minds. It has a removable drive system that allows the user to pedal only when needed and with the bow to stern rail mounts; it is possible to keep the necessary items like a mobile phone or a fish finder very easily accessible. The seating system is first class and can be easily adjusted to move forward and back as per the comfort and convenience of the person. The Kayak from Native Watercraft is rock solid that offers stability while standing or sight casting and the world class drive system that makes for quick and fast movements at the time of water adventures.

  1. Hobie Mirage Revolution16 Kayak
  • Technical Details
  • Size: 11 feet 6 and 16 feet
  • Weight: 100 pounds

Available in some of the most attractive colors like Caribbean Blue, Hibiscus red, and Papaya yellow, the Hobie Mirage is one sleek and compact boat that is characterized by its premium performance. The sleek design not only makes it premium in performance and looks but also easy to transport. The boat is ideal for long distances and is equipped with everything that makes it fit for a day at the sea. Designed for a single paddler, the boat features rod holders that are molded in; multiple hatches and a spacious storage.

  1. Hobie Sport Pedal Kayak
  • Technical Details
  • Size: 9.7×29.5×16
  • Weight: 61 lbs

The Hobie sport Pedal is a simple construction but is full on performance. Available in a number of colors, it has features to offer like two rod holders that are molded in, two piece paddles, on hull storage mirage drive with ST fins twist that gives it the stability at the time of standing and sight casting. There is plenty of storage space in the side mesh pocket that can hold the necessary items like mobile phones etc., rear cargo area with bungee tie downs and Vantage Ct seating.

  1. 2016 Hobie Cat Mirage Revolution 13
  • Technical Details
  • Size: 13.5×28.5×15
  • Weight: 70.5 lbs

The new model for the year 2016 includes 3 way connector for Lowrance ready and Thru-Hull wire plugs that are backward compatible and are easily accessible. Some of the standard features that are available in other models as well are a large covered bow hatch, two molded in rod holders, sail mount, twist and stow rudder, rear cargo area with Bungee tie downs, two mesh covered storage pockets and vantage CT seating. The kayak includes several features that make it perfect for a sport like fishing.

2016 Hobie Cat Mirage Revolution 13

  1. Hobie Mirage Outback Kayak
  • Technical Details
  • Size: 12’1”x33”
  • Weight: 81 lbs

The Mirage Outback is packed with every feature that is essential for fishing sport. Kayaking becomes much easier and efficient with the power of Mirage Drive 180 and the new design has been enhanced around the Vantage CT seat that maximizes both the stand up space and storage with adjustable height, back, bottom and lumbar support. The Twist and Stow rudder can be customized with a retractable rudder system. It can be easily engaged and disengaged by pulling the control handles that are T shaped. It also comes with a standard transducer mount that is already built in and through-hull cable plugs that are pre-installed.

  1. Hobie Mirage i9S inflatable pedal kayaks
  • Technical Details
  • Size: 9 feet
  • Weight: 100 pounds

The Hobie Mirage i9S is powered by Mirage Drive 180 which makes Kayaking not just easier but also much more efficient than ever. It is often also referred to as the original pedal kayak drive. The ‘Drop stitch’ floor construction gives the model astounding structural rigidity and much better performance and all this possible without having to compromise with the portability. If you are always short of storage space then I series can be your best choice. Deflate the piece to roll and pack it well in the rolling travel bag that is included with it. So if you are one of those who have fishing, kayaking and sailing on their list, the Hobie’s i9S is meant for you!

  1. Hobie Mirage i11S Kayak 2016
  • Technical Details
  • Size: 11 feet 3
  • Weight: 35.5 lbs

The Mirage i11S Kayak is considered to be the most light in weight, hands-free model in the Hobie collection. The piece is elegantly simple and is a low-profile performer. The paddle has been wisely replaced with Mirage Drive 180 that makes kayaking easy, efficient and much more fun for anyone. The ‘Drop stitch’ method of construction used helps in counterbalancing the air pressure when the kayak is inflated. This also helps in improved performance due to the structural rigidity that it gets without sacrificing the portability as well.

  1. Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem Kayak
  • Technical Details
  • Size: 14 feet 6
  • Weight: 100 pounds

Designed for up to two paddlers, the Oasis Tandem Kayak from Hobie is performance oriented, spacious and much stretched-out among the Hobie’s Tandems that are powered by the elegant Mirage drive 180 that is easy to use. The adjustability feature of the Vantage seating system makes the long stretches on water utterly comfortable. All the parts of the seat like its height, bottom, seat-back and lumbar support are easily adjustable. The speedy boat has a large carrying capacity and ample storage space for all the kinds of gear that makes it suitable for weekend camping trips or fishing trips. The model features four convenient hatches and features like molded in rod holders and a lot of on-deck storage space.

  1. Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13

Technical Details

  • Size: 13 feet 6
  • Weight: 79 lbs

The FX Propel 13 from Native Watercraft is ideal for kayakers who have fishing on their list too. The Kayak has a maximum capacity of 400 lbs and a huge storage area under the seat. There is a built in battery box so you can supply power to your electronics and keep them charged at all times. There is an adjustable thwart box that can be used by the rider to hold a cooler or a beverage, there is dry storage and also rod management system. The ample storage makes it ideal for weekend camping trips or fishing.

Finally, if you are looking for a pedal powered kayak, you must go on in with the one that makes you feel comfortable. If you are a beginner, any kayak will be fine for you and you will gradually learn to grow with it. A wise decision is to first rent a kayak for a few times until you know what suits your comfort levels well and then make the final choice.

Top 10 Kayak Accessories You Must Buy Right Now

Kayaking is not just an activity of taking the kayak on water and paddling. If you love kayaking on water, then it is likely that you know that it is the sport that involves lots more. For a kayaker it is necessary to choose the best and right kayak accessories to make most out of their kayaking trips. From anchors to navigation equipments and safety gear, there are many kayak accessories that are worth considering in a bid to enjoy a perfect kayaking experience. Below you will find the most common categories of Top 10 Kayak Accessories and products which you would require to enhance your kayaking experience and trips.

Top 10 Kayak Accessories You Must Have:

SUP-Now Enhanced Paddle Board Carrier

The SUP-Now Enhanced Paddle Board Carrier is specifically designed to adjust better than other straps and it is more adjustable which makes it easier to use for people of all heights. It can be used with all models of SUPs as it fits all paddle boards.

SUP-Now Enhanced Paddle Board Carrier

Whether you are 4’3 with small paddle board or 6’5 with huge surf board, this kayak accessory will work well with all models and people. The straps for shoulders are triple padded which is made out of durable and soft neoprene for enhanced comfort. This kayak accessory allows you to carry your paddle board on your shoulder and it uses dual industrial strength Velcro straps that hold the board intact. Since the straps are well padded, you will never find difficulty in using the carrier to hold the paddle board for long distance trips. It keeps the board close to your body and you need to place the straps neat the center of the board to maintain the balance while carrying it.

Kayak Konsole with Dry Hatch    

This kayak console with dry hatch is specifically designed for paddle boards, especially the wilderness system kayaks, but it can also be used with most of the recreational kayaks 12’ and above.


This accessory fits snugly with the board and comprises a bungee system which tightens around the edges of the kayak where you fix the skirt. This hinged inspired hatch come with built-in cam levers to ensure dry seals and it offers unhindered and easy access to your gears and contents and the cup holders can accommodate the cup of coffee and bottles of 32 oz. Moreover, it also has recessed mounting surfaces for rod holder mounts and features mesh pocket to accommodate all your gears and devices. It will fit with all recreational kayak cockpits and it can be fastened with bungee cord under the rim coaming. It also has a sealed and dry storage to accommodate your wallet or snacks. This kayak accessory can keep all your gears and essentials intact in front of you within easy reach.

Kayak Stabilizer System

Kayak Stabilizer is one of the most essential Kayak Accessories for paddlers who do a lot of standing on their paddle boards or for paddlers who simply want to add little safety and security to their kayaks. It comes with inner bladder which can be inflated and this can provide over 30 pounds of additional resilience.

Kayak Stabilizer System

It comes with portable clamp mount that can be customized to fit most of the paddle boards without drilling any holes. Each model has locking mounting system that makes installation and removal faster and easier. You are required to unlock the system and swing it inboard to move it out of the way. The system comprises two inflatable pontoons, four #241L locking combination side/deck mounts, two 28” anodized arms with post and two #280 baitcaster rod holders. The anodized aluminum support arm comprises post system and gear system at either ends that allow you to customize the stabilizer system to fit any size of watercraft. There is a slot in front of the rod holders where you can securely fix the spinning reel and the design of the rod holder has side mounted flange that leaves the bottom open and this is useful to accommodate the trigger grips. This is the great piece of accessory for those paddlers who wish to stand up and do fishing with their kayaks.

Detachable Fishing Rod Leash

The detachable fishing rod leash is also a useful kayak accessory to invest in. it works greatly to keep the fishing rods safe and by your side. It allows you to detach leash easily from clip strap to achieve perfect angling.

Detachable Fishing Rod Leash

This detachable kayak fishing rod leash gives the users with the flexibility to create their unique and personalized rigging system. It is manufactured with genuine 4 ft high strength bungee, thus eliminating the tangled lines virtually. It comes with 2” adjustable strap which you can use to attach easily to lake poles, fly fishing poles and saltwater rods. The length of the bungee from hook length to hook length is measured around 50 to 51 inches. The accessory has sufficient length when you are fishing in sitting posture, but it is not sufficient for people who love doing fishing in standing position. Owing to its No Duh design it becomes easier to release at quicker speed. Since the straps are designed with heavy duty Velcro, it can easily hold up to 50 pounds and it is attached to the leash which is bungee.

Kayak Fishing Anchor Kit

Kayak Fishing Anchor Kit is perfect for small vessels and also for kayak anglers. The kit includes 1.5 lbs folding galvanized steel anchor, 50’ high quality polypropylene braided rope line, a ring and two carabineers.

Kayak Fishing Anchor Kit

It allows the paddlers to deploy easily the anchor at bow or stern of paddling board for efficient anchoring while fishing on water. It has two line attachments, of which one goes directly to the anchor and the other act as loop that attaches to the handles on stern and bow. The lining of the anchor goes through the ring on loop along the edges of the kayak. You need to move the line to position the anchor line at the bow and to retrieve you are required to move it to the mid-ship position. Drawstring closure is included with the anchor that comprises barrel lock storage stuff sack. Since it is very light in weight and comes with storage bag equipped with side grab handle, you can easily carry it along with your kayak. It will be helpful for you while fishing and anchoring.

Kayak Seat

Surf to Summit Outfitter Series Kayak Seat is always considered to be the best kayak seat of all time which is designed with proprietary process of layered foam, plastic and fabric with compression molded at 400 F and 60 tons of pressure.

Kayak Seat

It is the most durable and long lasting kayak seat and it is designed mainly for instructional and rental kayak programs. Keeping this in mind, this kayak seat is designed to withstand the daily abuses and use of a commercial kayak fleet. Since the kayak seat is baked at 400 degrees and compression molded with 60 tons, it permanently bonds the fabric to foam and makes it the long lasting seats for kayak fleet. It is the specialized kayak seat available today which is manufactured to fill the needs of good performing back support while offering good value of money.

Kayak Security Cable

Kayak Security Cable is very essential kayak accessory that every kayaker must have. It is the easiest, strongest and efficient theft prevention available for all models of kayaks.

Kayak Security Cable

This security cable is designed to fit easily over the ends and edges of the kayak or paddling boards and attaches easily at the middle with its combo lock system which you can set with your own unique numbers. It is super easy to use and kayakers must prefer using it to add extra security to their kayaks. Its vinyl coated galvanized steel cable and the tamper resistant combination locking system males it is the strongest and useful security accessory for kayaks. Its combination locking system allows the users to choose their own unique four digit codes which can work best for security of their kayaks. The lock can be covered with the high impact protective plastic, thereby keeping your kayak and vehicles from being scratched. This security cable is thick enough and it can keep your kayak secured and it can be secured and removed with ease. Whether you are camping, hiking, grabbing a lunch at hotel, staying in motel or just you want to leave your kayak on top of your vehicle, it is crucial for you to keep your kayak secured by using the toughest and thicker security that prevents the buglers from tampering your kayak.

Kayak Cockpit Cover

The kayak cockpit cover is the must have accessory for all paddlers. It is made out of high quality materials and perfect for covering the cockpit of your kayak when you are not using it.

Kayak Security Cable

The cockpit cover is designed to serve its purpose perfectly. This cockpit cover for kayaks keeps the bugs, debris, and weather out of your kayaks whether it is on the top of your vehicle or stored at the backyard. Most of the cockpit covers are made out of medium grade nylon pack cloth which is durable and can resist water too. It is durable and last for years to come and protect the cockpit from debris and bugs. It has a tether hook that keeps the cockpit cover attached to the kayak while driving or during windy weather. It also has a customized bungee cord rim attachment that keeps the cockpit cover from falling off or collapsing in harsh weather conditions. So, if you want to keep your kayak safe when not in use, then this kayak cockpit cover would be the best accessory to invest in. It will keep the kayak covered in all weather conditions and protect it from bugs and debris and all weather conditions.

Kayak Carts

Kayak Cart is basically a two wheeler frame that can be attached with cycle, car and motorbike or you may also push the frame yourself to transport your kayak. It is designed to transport the kayak from one location to another without much effort.

Kayak carts

You need to load the kayaks on the frame of the cart and pull the frame to your destination where you want to enjoy kayaking. You are required to buy the stainless steel cart which is durable and last for years to come. The steel carts can withstand the heavy weight of the kayaks and can help you transport your kayaks to any remote location without difficulty. The kayak cart combined with kayak trailer tools can make things much easier and faster for kayakers. Whether you are few feet away from the water or you need to drive through the woods, the kayak cart is the most useful accessory to have for any conveyance purpose outside the water. It can also save you from experiencing potential injuries which may be caused from lifting and carrying the fishing kayaks.

Dry Bags

The dry bags are another important, yet self-explanatory kayak accessory to have. The primary use of dry bag is to keep all your essentials and precious gears dry while you are kayaking on water.

Dry Bags

Kayakers who spend long hours on water prefer to keep their essentials like electronics, food, snacks, gears dry and hence dry bag is one such accessory that can help them keep all their precious and essential things dry when they are on water. These dry bags are mainly designed with abrasion-resistant and durable materials and considered to be an essential accessory in situations where things are prone to get wet. Most of the dry bag models available today are made out of nylon or vinyl and coated with Cordura which can accommodate small personal items and even larger gears while you are kayaking on water. The dry bags come with diverse closure and some models offer you with additional layer of protection. They are available in different shapes and sizes, thus ensuring that you will find the perfect dry bag for your needs.

Top 10 Best Models for Kayak Seats in 2017 : Most Comfortable Kayak Seats

Kayaking is the widely enjoyed sport today that gives you ample opportunity to get out on water and get closer and interact with the nature. Besides exceptional relaxation that you experience with your kayak on water, you can also take part in a variety of activities and sports with your kayak like geo-caching and fishing. But, to enhance your overall kayaking adventures, it is necessary for you to opt for the best kayak seats. Until the kayak is geared with the best in class Kayak Seats, it won’t be possible for you to experience the beauty and nature around you. The soft kayak seats that come with lumbar support are considered to be the best as it improves your overall kayaking experience. To help you narrow down your search and find the best model of kayak seats, here is a list of Top 10 Models of Kayak Seats that are worth considering for making time enjoyable on water.

Best Kayak Seats 2017: Most Comfortable for Sit on Top!!

top 10 kayak seats models 2017

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Kayak Seats :

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus is specifically designed to use with the sit-on-top kayaks and it comes with superior features and compartments. This is one of the widely used Kayak Seats that is designed for ultimate comfort and can make the longest kayak tours like short stints on water. The seat is designed with shatterproof stays that are acclaimed for improving optimal back support by offering s strong seat back. The construction of the back seat is further armored with brass clips and stainless steel springs which ensure to retain the rigidity and structure of the seat for years to come.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Kayak Seats

Durability is another factor that is achieved with its nylon pack cloth which can resist UV rays and never fade away. For ultimate comfort and correct posture, the seat has molded backrest with four-way mounting straps which can be regulated according to user’s preferences. At the back of the seat, there is a reflective logo that enables excellent visibility in low light conditions, while offering added security for you while kayaking on water.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Kayak Seats :

Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech is the most advanced version of Comfort Plus by Ocean as it has increased padding, back support, ventilation and more for a great kayaking experience. However, it is specifically designed for use with sit-on-top kayaks and using this back seat can reduce the risk of sore muscles while you are kayaking on water. The padding of the Kayak Seats is improved by including taller seat back which is designed to offer the users with added support when they need while kayaking for extended hours on water. The Comfort Tech also has a specialized built-in ventilation system that enables excellent air circulation. Its adjustable mounting straps are wonderful enough to enhance the seating comfort of the users as they can modify the straps as per their needs.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Kayak Seats

The seat back also has the brass swivel buckle attachments along with UV resistant nylon cloth to amplify the durability and security.

YakPad Kayak Seats :

This is the popular gel saddle cushion which always remains the top choice of people who want extra cushioning at their sit-in kayaks. Users have the choice to use it on their own or they may use it to supplement a full one. It is the best choice for people who want to add extra padding in their sit-on kayaks as it is heavily padded and cushioned compared to the Ocean Comfort models. It is widely preferred because it is padded with specialized gel pockets. Unlike polyester and foam padding, the gel pockets in the Kayak Seats never wear or tear over time; instead it provides the users with effective pressure point relief compared to other conventional padding materials. People with sore hips must consider investing in this type of kayak seats as it provides exceptional relief from a variety of symptoms including numbness, sore hips, sciatica and other circulation problems.

YakPad Kayak Seats

The soft gel padding ensures that users can paddle for extended hours without experiencing any problem and the recovery times after expeditions also reduced significantly with these Kayak Seats. Since it has thin, low seat cushion, the low centre gravity is likely to be preserved. This seat can fit with almost all the popular models of kayaks and it can be used in combination with full size models or to supplement its cushion.

iRocker Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seats :

If you are looking for the most durable and comfortable Kayak Seats to enjoy excellent back support, then iRocker Inflatable Kayak Seat would be the best choice indeed. This kayak seat fits well with almost all the brands of inflatable SUP’s which are designed with D-rings on the board to attach the Kayak Seats.

iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seat

To ensure high level of comfort and safety, the seats are designed with high quality and durable materials. The design of the seat is unique and hence it always stands out from the crowd in terms of service and performance. The seats are acclaimed for its prowess and have no negative feedbacks yet.

Kerco Sit-on-Top Kayak Seats :

This Kayak Seat is specifically designed for use with sit-on-top models. With its munificent seating design, the Kerco Kayak Seats offer ample support while paddling on water with the kayak. The seat cushion measures at 13 inches by 15 inches by 1 inch, thereby ensuring to provide ample support and space for your backside for a comfortable and hassle free trip.

Kerco Sit-on-Top Kayak Seats

The cushion of the seat is designed with molded form and the exterior has nylon UV resistant cloth that offers durable and plush seat arrangement for years to come. The back support of the seat measures 18 inches by 21 inches that offer optimal support to your back to prevent strains and pain, while kayaking on water.

GTS Sport Sit-on-Top Kayak Seats :

This kayak seat is specifically designed for smaller paddlers and perfect for users who need lower back support as they go out with their Sit-on-Top kayak. It has the biggest seat back of 12 inches that offer exceptional lumbar support to the users and for deep padding support it comprises thermoformed foam panels.

GTS Sport Sit-on-Top Kayak Seats

The padding of the seat is designed to contour automatically according to the shape of your body so that the seat can be modified based on your body shape, thereby guaranteeing that you have firmer yet comfortable ride on water. The design of the Kayak Seats also features inbuilt tri-laminated backrests that ensure additional structural support and it is designed with robust 600D fabric for enhanced durability and security at highest stress points. In a bid to reduce fatigue, the seat back is designed with four customized front and rear straps that can fasten the seat in place to prevent you from jolting about in water.

Malibu Kayak Spider Angler Seats:

Spider Angler Seats by Malibu are the best multi-function Kayak Seats today that are designed with best in class features which no other previous models of Malibu Kayak Seat had. Along with high seat back, this kayak seat is also packed with thicker padding to offer best comfort for your prolonged kayaking trips on water.

Malibu Kayak Spider Angler Seats

These are not all features included, instead there are other beauty features integrated into this kayak seat and this includes rear gear bag, inbuilt rod holder, navigation light holder, bottle holder, D-Rings for gear attachment, safety reflections, tool holders and more. This kayak set offers supreme convenience for all the models of kayak.

Skwoosh High Back Kayak Seats

This is another popular choice of paddlers, owing to the fact that it guarantees unparalleled lumbar support along with added cushioning for the paddlers. The cushioning of the seat is designed by using TekPad fluidized gel cushion and Air Flo3D fabric which ensure added padding, cushioning, while keeping the seat well ventilated, cool, firm and comfortable. The unique design and material used for the kayak seat ensure to deliver you supreme pressure alleviation and excellent customization.

Skwoosh High Back Kayak Seats

It has the biggest 20 inches padded backrest that comprises the adjustable side wings for extra back support and the backrest contour according to your body shape for optimal kayaking experience. The back seat also comprises reinforced fiberglass battens to enhance the strength, stability and performance of the seat. Overall, the Kayak Seats are known for its heavy duty construction, durability, and optimal comfort and resistant to corrosion. The seat also comprises convenient and removable fishing pack that has the capacity to hold two rods, 3 Plano tackle boxes and 2 D-Rings. The seat also has additional space to secure the gears safely and it is rigged for all fishing actions on water.

Surf to Summit Outfitter Series Kayak Seats

The Outfitter Series is the most affordable range by Surf to Summit. It is affordable and widely used because of its adjustable, adaptive and highly cushioned replacements. Paddlers are often impressed with the rugged compression foam that is used for padding of the kayak seat. This kayak seat works well with both Sit-on-Top and sit-in models. The kayak seat is heavily cushioned compared to all other models of kayak seats. This seat offers the paddlers with excellent support for their back and lower back and lumbar region. The cushioning is another great feature of this kayak seat.

Surf to Summit Outfitter Series Kayak Seats

This kayak seat model comes with additional storage pockets on back where valuables and small objects can be placed comfortably. With the compression process, the outer layer fabric is well bonded with the inner foam core so that it can’t be separated or tear year after year of use. The strap system of the seat is also customized by the manufacturer in a bid to prevent the stress points and the fabric from giving out. This kayak seat is backed by lifetime warranty, thus you can imagine how durable it is. So, it is not only the cheapest mode to invest in, but also the smart buy for paddlers.

GTS Expedition Series Kayak Seats

This kayak seat is the top quality recommendation by experts. The GTS series by Surf to Summit is designed with the similar compression molded foam construction process and comprises extra cushioning and other smart features. This is one of the advanced version of Kayak Seats that have drainage channels, superior ergonomic support built into it and slip-prevention straps. So, if you are looking for the Best Kayak Seats for excellent kayaking experience then look no further and invest in this kayak seat.

GTS Expedition Series Kayak Seats

This kayak seat is cushier compared to the GTS sport series. It has thick cushioning of 2 inches both at back and seat to enhance your paddling experience and offer you ultimate comfort while paddling for extended hours with your kayak. The most amazing feature of this kayak seat is its backrest which is full size of 18 inches. It is perfect for people who want complete back support because it provides support to your entire spine and makes you feel comfortable and help you stay in good posture while paddling on water with your kayak. The backrest contours according to the shape of your body and provide extra padding and support to the lumbar region. Paddlers would love its back molding as it prevents the risk of developing any spine issues or any back pain.

The primary feature of this kayak seat is its drainage channel system which helps drain the extra water off of it, thus keeping the seating area comfortable and dry. This kayak seat remains much drier compared to other models of kayak seat because of its unique drainage channel system that removes the excess water off of it to keep it dry and comfortable always. The kayak seat also has bungee pouch built in where you can store essential and other gears required for fishing with your kayak.

These were the Top 10 Models of Kayak Seats that are widely used and popular amongst the paddlers today. You may give try to any of these kayak seats to enjoy comfortable and enjoyable kayaking on water. Search online for more models of kayak seats and buy the one that suit your needs and budget.

Best Inflatable Kayaks : Top 10 Inflatable Kayaks for 2017

If you are an adventure freak and know much about outdoor sports and activities already, you would also probably know about the type of kayak you want. In that case, the hunt becomes much easier as all you need to do is to check out a few websites and find out some of the top trending kayaks in the category you are looking for, compare a few popular brands and make your final choice! On the contrary, if you are not even sure of where to start and what to look for when buying an inflatable kayak, this article is all you will need. Before anything else, however, if you are not even sure of what type of kayak you are looking for, you will have to educate yourself about the different types of kayaks that are available depending on the different types of kayaking. Also you will need to confirm with yourself where is it actually that you are planning to paddle–in flat water or in currents or waves.

Different types of Kayaks 

  • Sea Kayaks
  • Touring Kayaks
  • Recreational Kayaks
  • Sit on top Kayaks
  • Inflatable Kayaks or Foldable Kayaks
  • Fishing kayaks
  • Whitewater Kayaks

Once you know about the different kinds of kayaks, you can figure out a lot by yourself. For instance, are you a beginner with kayaking looking to paddle flat water? Consider recreational kayaks. Fishing on your mind? Check out the fishing kayak that has some additional features that are unique to fishing. If you plan to go camping, check out the tourist kayaks that have additional space for storage and finally, if you wish to venture out into the sea, check out the Sea Kayaks.


Factors to consider when buying the Best Inflatable Kayak

There are some obvious considerations that you need to make when you are choosing the best kayak for yourself like the type of kayaking you are going to take up, i.e. solo vs. tandem, the ease of transporting it and the cost. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Type of Kayaking

Since there are several designs that are available, you will need to figure out the type of paddling that you will take up. It is advisable to spend a little extra and choose the performance oriented kayaks if you wish to paddle at places that have too much of wind, current or waves. On the contrary, if you choose to paddle flat water then you can choose any inflatable kayak.

  • Solo, Tandem or Convertible

Deciding on the factor whether you wish to go solo on your outing or have a partner, you can choose a kayak. When you decide to have a partner, pick a tandem inflatable kayak. A tandem-solo convertible kayak, on the other hand, allows you to adjust your seats so you can easily maneuver it as well.

  • Transportation

The best part about any inflatable kayak is that they are easy to transport, obviously, when compared to a rigid kayak. But even in the case of a deflated kayak, both the size and the weight can vary considerably. So in case, you will need to carry your kayak in your backpack or will have to carry it on an airplane, you will need to think and consider the weight and the size of the packed kayak. Besides, at the time of transportation, you will also need to take care of the weight of a kayak if you decide to paddle it alone because in that case, you will also need to carry it into the vehicle and out of it, all on your own.

  • Cost

Taking into account all the various designs that are available in an inflatable kayak, it must be clear that their prices differ remarkably as well. While the cost of a product is definitely an important factor to be considered, it should not be a primary and a decisive factor here. The other factors that are discussed above are actually much more important in making a wise decision. In every type, there are different designs and variants available. So in case, one does not fit your budget, you definitely have a second option to hop to.

Best Inflatable Kayaks : Top 10 Inflatable Kayaks for 2017

  1. Sevylor Tahiti Classic Inflatable Kayak
  • Dimensions of the product: 24.5×16.5×6.5 (24.3 pounds)

Sevylor is one of the dominant suppliers of a wide variety of inflatable like the Kayaks, towables and boats since 1948. The Tahiti classic from the brand is ideal for two people and can hold a total weight of around 400 pounds. It is made out of heavy duty 26 gauges PVC that makes it durable. The two air chambers make for enhanced security while the tubular I-bean floor makes it highly stable. The inflatable seats are specially designed and have a comfortable back support. It also includes additional 2 spray covers that are meant for protection and an optional directional skeg. The product measures 10’7” by 2’7”. It is fit to be taken for adventures around the world, thanks to the Tahiti’s exclusive air tight system, it is also not guaranteed to leak.

Sevylor Tahiti Classic Inflatable Kayak

  1. Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package
  • Dimensions of the Product: 134x34x18 inches (26 pounds)

The Sea Eagle 300 can easily hold two adults which is why it makes it to the list of best inflatable tandem kayaks for 2016. While it just weighs 26 pounds itself, it can hold a weight of up to 500 pounds. Its body is made of K-80 polykrylar hull material that is extra thick and puncture resistant. The Kayak includes inflatable front and rear seats, reliable foot pump, a pair of oars, inflatable spray skirts and a carry bag. It can be conveniently used for sky diving, fishing, class III white water rafting and tending to a yacht. The product comes with a limited three years manufacturer’s warranty. Since it is light in weight, it can be easily transported and carried in and out of water by a single person. The process of inflation and assembly can take as less as 6 minutes.

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package

  1. Stearns Spree two-person inflatable Kayak
  • Dimensions of the product: 10.75×20.25×25 inches (37.7 pounds)

This two-person inflatable kayak from Stearns Spree is equipped with a patented three chamber air system that ensures added security and safety. Two of the main chambers of the kayak are completely enclosed so that they can provide rigidity to the body when it’s inflated. Both its inflation and deflation can be completed in no time. A mesh zippered pocket included in the design is a great place to store all your valuables and much needed gear at the time of kayaking.

Stearns Spree two-person inflatable Kayak

  1. Hobie Mirage i9s Inflatable Kayak
  • Dimensions of the product: 9x36x17.5 inches (48 pounds)

The product is great for one person and is highly durable. It can easily hold a weight of up to 325 pounds and weighs only 48 pounds itself when it is fitted and 66 pounds when it is fully rigged. It is made out of 1000 Denier PVC and is considered as one of the best fishing kayaks in the fishing category. The kayak has an optional sail kit for the individuals who might be interested in sailing. It has a drop stitch floor and can take in a much higher pressure of inflation which means remarkable structural rigidity and ultimately results in better performance without compromising on the portability of the product.

Hobie Mirage i9s Inflatable Kayak

  1. Coleman QuikPak K5 Inflatable Kayak
  • Dimensions of the product: 33.5×8.5×20 inches (28.6 pounds)

The inflatable Kayak from Coleman is ideal for a single person and comes with a back pack storage unit that is designed with a grab and go functionality. It is made out of 1000D Polyester and the bottom is laminated with 24-gauge PVC. It has double lock and mini double lock valves that keep the inflation intact by preventing any kind of air loss accidentally. The Kayak is also equipped with a spray skirt that makes it much safer and tracking fins that make it very easy to steer the kayak. The large storage area in the design makes it easy to store your valuables and other necessary stuff at the time of kayaking and includes multiple D-rings and bungee lacing as well.

Coleman QuikPak K5 Inflatable Kayak

  1. Intex Challenger K1 Kayak
  • Dimensions of the product: 30x15x108 inches (27.2 pounds)

The Intex Challenger Kayak is fit for one person and while it weighs 27.2 pounds itself, it has a maximum capacity of holding up to 220 pounds. It is nimble and durable and is made out of a durable welded material that gives it an added safety while you are on a lake or a slow-moving river. The challenger has a big and comfortable cockpit that makes for an easy entry and exit; the inflatable I-beam floors add stability to the product. The seats are inflatable with a back rest and it has a cargo net to store the accessories. There are grab lines on the ends of the kayak as well.

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

  1. Sevylor Coleman Colorado
  • Dimensions of the product: 19.2×11.6×30.1 inches (41.2 pounds)

This two person fishing kayak from the dominant supplier Sevylor is made out of 18-gauge PVC and is rugged for lake use. The piece is highly durable and protected against punctures with its 1000D tarpaulin bottom and 840D nylon cover. The kayak has multiple air chambers which mean if one chamber is punctured, others can be allowed to stay inflated. The patented air tight system ensures there is no leakage in the product. Several other features make the kayak unique in its own way like dedicated paddle holders keep the paddles out of the way; the kayak is both easy to inflate and deflate, thanks to the Boston valve that is double threaded; the seats are adjustable that make way for a better fit while a person is sitting; the mesh pockets are a great way for storing snacks and additional gear. The product has been rated best seller.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado

  1. Rave Sea Rebel Inflatable Kayak
  • Dimensions of the product: 14.5x11x23 inches (24 pounds)

The Rave Sea Rebel inflatable kayak is fit for one person and is highly versatile in nature. Choose it for angling, relaxing, or traversing on the water; take it to the lake, river or streams. This is comfortable, easy to inflate and deflate and transport as well since it is light in weight. The kayak is also equipped with a water resistant dry bag along with a water bottle holder. The four foam filled handles make it easy to hold and move around the product while the heavy duty nylon cover and PVC Tarpaulin bottom provide for slick and easy gliding. It comes with a limited one year warranty.

Rave Sea Rebel Inflatable Kayak

  1. Sea Eagle 380 X Inflatable Kayak
  • Dimensions of the product: 9x20x31 inches (47 pounds)

The Sea Eagle 380 X is a mid-size kayak that is designed to comfortably hold two people with their additional camping gear that is fit for a week. You can trust this one for the places and camps that are the most demanding and thus, you need to pack in extra gear for that. This extra tough inflatable kayak can easily hold up to 750 pounds. It is constructed from 1000-denier, high pressure fabric that is polyester-supported and thus, resists any kind of punctures. The kayak has four, extra large drains (easily convertible) that work equally well in wet and dry conditions.

Sea Eagle 380 X Inflatable Kayak

  1. Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak 
  • Product dimensions: 4x20x28 inches (16 pounds)

The FireFly Kayak from Advanced Elements is compact, recreational and ideal for adventures with your family. The product is laden with several unique features that aid in improving its performance and gives it durability. The design has built-in rigid panels that defines the bow and stern and improves tracking and also a unique outer cover adds durability to the piece. Also included in the design are molded, rubber grip handles, a mesh pocket for holding accessories, bungee deck lacing and tracking skeg.

Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak

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