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Top 10 Best Models for Kayak Seats in 2017 : Most Comfortable Kayak Seats

Kayaking is the widely enjoyed sport today that gives you ample opportunity to get out on water and get closer and interact with the nature. Besides exceptional relaxation that you experience with your kayak on water, you can also take part in a variety of activities and sports with your kayak like geo-caching and fishing. But, to enhance your overall kayaking adventures, it is necessary for you to opt for the best kayak seats. Until the kayak is geared with the best in class Kayak Seats, it won’t be possible for you to experience the beauty and nature around you. The soft kayak seats that come with lumbar support are considered to be the best as it improves your overall kayaking experience. To help you narrow down your search and find the best model of kayak seats, here is a list of Top 10 Models of Kayak Seats that are worth considering for making time enjoyable on water.

Best Kayak Seats 2017: Most Comfortable for Sit on Top!!

top 10 kayak seats models 2017

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Kayak Seats :

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus is specifically designed to use with the sit-on-top kayaks and it comes with superior features and compartments. This is one of the widely used Kayak Seats that is designed for ultimate comfort and can make the longest kayak tours like short stints on water. The seat is designed with shatterproof stays that are acclaimed for improving optimal back support by offering s strong seat back. The construction of the back seat is further armored with brass clips and stainless steel springs which ensure to retain the rigidity and structure of the seat for years to come.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Kayak Seats

Durability is another factor that is achieved with its nylon pack cloth which can resist UV rays and never fade away. For ultimate comfort and correct posture, the seat has molded backrest with four-way mounting straps which can be regulated according to user’s preferences. At the back of the seat, there is a reflective logo that enables excellent visibility in low light conditions, while offering added security for you while kayaking on water.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Kayak Seats :

Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech is the most advanced version of Comfort Plus by Ocean as it has increased padding, back support, ventilation and more for a great kayaking experience. However, it is specifically designed for use with sit-on-top kayaks and using this back seat can reduce the risk of sore muscles while you are kayaking on water. The padding of the Kayak Seats is improved by including taller seat back which is designed to offer the users with added support when they need while kayaking for extended hours on water. The Comfort Tech also has a specialized built-in ventilation system that enables excellent air circulation. Its adjustable mounting straps are wonderful enough to enhance the seating comfort of the users as they can modify the straps as per their needs.

Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Kayak Seats

The seat back also has the brass swivel buckle attachments along with UV resistant nylon cloth to amplify the durability and security.

YakPad Kayak Seats :

This is the popular gel saddle cushion which always remains the top choice of people who want extra cushioning at their sit-in kayaks. Users have the choice to use it on their own or they may use it to supplement a full one. It is the best choice for people who want to add extra padding in their sit-on kayaks as it is heavily padded and cushioned compared to the Ocean Comfort models. It is widely preferred because it is padded with specialized gel pockets. Unlike polyester and foam padding, the gel pockets in the Kayak Seats never wear or tear over time; instead it provides the users with effective pressure point relief compared to other conventional padding materials. People with sore hips must consider investing in this type of kayak seats as it provides exceptional relief from a variety of symptoms including numbness, sore hips, sciatica and other circulation problems.

YakPad Kayak Seats

The soft gel padding ensures that users can paddle for extended hours without experiencing any problem and the recovery times after expeditions also reduced significantly with these Kayak Seats. Since it has thin, low seat cushion, the low centre gravity is likely to be preserved. This seat can fit with almost all the popular models of kayaks and it can be used in combination with full size models or to supplement its cushion.

iRocker Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seats :

If you are looking for the most durable and comfortable Kayak Seats to enjoy excellent back support, then iRocker Inflatable Kayak Seat would be the best choice indeed. This kayak seat fits well with almost all the brands of inflatable SUP’s which are designed with D-rings on the board to attach the Kayak Seats.

iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seat

To ensure high level of comfort and safety, the seats are designed with high quality and durable materials. The design of the seat is unique and hence it always stands out from the crowd in terms of service and performance. The seats are acclaimed for its prowess and have no negative feedbacks yet.

Kerco Sit-on-Top Kayak Seats :

This Kayak Seat is specifically designed for use with sit-on-top models. With its munificent seating design, the Kerco Kayak Seats offer ample support while paddling on water with the kayak. The seat cushion measures at 13 inches by 15 inches by 1 inch, thereby ensuring to provide ample support and space for your backside for a comfortable and hassle free trip.

Kerco Sit-on-Top Kayak Seats

The cushion of the seat is designed with molded form and the exterior has nylon UV resistant cloth that offers durable and plush seat arrangement for years to come. The back support of the seat measures 18 inches by 21 inches that offer optimal support to your back to prevent strains and pain, while kayaking on water.

GTS Sport Sit-on-Top Kayak Seats :

This kayak seat is specifically designed for smaller paddlers and perfect for users who need lower back support as they go out with their Sit-on-Top kayak. It has the biggest seat back of 12 inches that offer exceptional lumbar support to the users and for deep padding support it comprises thermoformed foam panels.

GTS Sport Sit-on-Top Kayak Seats

The padding of the seat is designed to contour automatically according to the shape of your body so that the seat can be modified based on your body shape, thereby guaranteeing that you have firmer yet comfortable ride on water. The design of the Kayak Seats also features inbuilt tri-laminated backrests that ensure additional structural support and it is designed with robust 600D fabric for enhanced durability and security at highest stress points. In a bid to reduce fatigue, the seat back is designed with four customized front and rear straps that can fasten the seat in place to prevent you from jolting about in water.

Malibu Kayak Spider Angler Seats:

Spider Angler Seats by Malibu are the best multi-function Kayak Seats today that are designed with best in class features which no other previous models of Malibu Kayak Seat had. Along with high seat back, this kayak seat is also packed with thicker padding to offer best comfort for your prolonged kayaking trips on water.

Malibu Kayak Spider Angler Seats

These are not all features included, instead there are other beauty features integrated into this kayak seat and this includes rear gear bag, inbuilt rod holder, navigation light holder, bottle holder, D-Rings for gear attachment, safety reflections, tool holders and more. This kayak set offers supreme convenience for all the models of kayak.

Skwoosh High Back Kayak Seats

This is another popular choice of paddlers, owing to the fact that it guarantees unparalleled lumbar support along with added cushioning for the paddlers. The cushioning of the seat is designed by using TekPad fluidized gel cushion and Air Flo3D fabric which ensure added padding, cushioning, while keeping the seat well ventilated, cool, firm and comfortable. The unique design and material used for the kayak seat ensure to deliver you supreme pressure alleviation and excellent customization.

Skwoosh High Back Kayak Seats

It has the biggest 20 inches padded backrest that comprises the adjustable side wings for extra back support and the backrest contour according to your body shape for optimal kayaking experience. The back seat also comprises reinforced fiberglass battens to enhance the strength, stability and performance of the seat. Overall, the Kayak Seats are known for its heavy duty construction, durability, and optimal comfort and resistant to corrosion. The seat also comprises convenient and removable fishing pack that has the capacity to hold two rods, 3 Plano tackle boxes and 2 D-Rings. The seat also has additional space to secure the gears safely and it is rigged for all fishing actions on water.

Surf to Summit Outfitter Series Kayak Seats

The Outfitter Series is the most affordable range by Surf to Summit. It is affordable and widely used because of its adjustable, adaptive and highly cushioned replacements. Paddlers are often impressed with the rugged compression foam that is used for padding of the kayak seat. This kayak seat works well with both Sit-on-Top and sit-in models. The kayak seat is heavily cushioned compared to all other models of kayak seats. This seat offers the paddlers with excellent support for their back and lower back and lumbar region. The cushioning is another great feature of this kayak seat.

Surf to Summit Outfitter Series Kayak Seats

This kayak seat model comes with additional storage pockets on back where valuables and small objects can be placed comfortably. With the compression process, the outer layer fabric is well bonded with the inner foam core so that it can’t be separated or tear year after year of use. The strap system of the seat is also customized by the manufacturer in a bid to prevent the stress points and the fabric from giving out. This kayak seat is backed by lifetime warranty, thus you can imagine how durable it is. So, it is not only the cheapest mode to invest in, but also the smart buy for paddlers.

GTS Expedition Series Kayak Seats

This kayak seat is the top quality recommendation by experts. The GTS series by Surf to Summit is designed with the similar compression molded foam construction process and comprises extra cushioning and other smart features. This is one of the advanced version of Kayak Seats that have drainage channels, superior ergonomic support built into it and slip-prevention straps. So, if you are looking for the Best Kayak Seats for excellent kayaking experience then look no further and invest in this kayak seat.

GTS Expedition Series Kayak Seats

This kayak seat is cushier compared to the GTS sport series. It has thick cushioning of 2 inches both at back and seat to enhance your paddling experience and offer you ultimate comfort while paddling for extended hours with your kayak. The most amazing feature of this kayak seat is its backrest which is full size of 18 inches. It is perfect for people who want complete back support because it provides support to your entire spine and makes you feel comfortable and help you stay in good posture while paddling on water with your kayak. The backrest contours according to the shape of your body and provide extra padding and support to the lumbar region. Paddlers would love its back molding as it prevents the risk of developing any spine issues or any back pain.

The primary feature of this kayak seat is its drainage channel system which helps drain the extra water off of it, thus keeping the seating area comfortable and dry. This kayak seat remains much drier compared to other models of kayak seat because of its unique drainage channel system that removes the excess water off of it to keep it dry and comfortable always. The kayak seat also has bungee pouch built in where you can store essential and other gears required for fishing with your kayak.

These were the Top 10 Models of Kayak Seats that are widely used and popular amongst the paddlers today. You may give try to any of these kayak seats to enjoy comfortable and enjoyable kayaking on water. Search online for more models of kayak seats and buy the one that suit your needs and budget.

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